Why Children 1st for Dental Referrals?
We take the fear out of pediatric dental treatment with dental care under general anesthesia.

Why refer your patient to Children's 1st Dental & Surgery Center?

Your 1st Choice When Kids Require
Dental Care Under General Anesthesia

When a child’s behavior or difficult condition disrupts your office routine, you exchange efficiency and production for added stress and frustration! We specialize in treating children who need extra care during dental procedures. Refer your patient to your colleagues at Children 1st Dental & Surgery Center where:

  1. We NEVER recall your patient!
  2. We are Experienced in Serving Children that are Too Young to Cooperate or Combative.
  3. You Receive a Complete Treatment Plan of Procedures Rendered.
  4. You Can Consider Us as an Extension of Your Office.
  5. All Procedures are performed in State Certified Ambulatory Surgery Centers.
YOUR TRUSTED SOURCE ….. Children’s 1st Dental Surgery Center
  • Equipped with Advanced Monitoring and Life Support Equipment, Digital X-Rays, and Electronic Records.
  • We Provide a Team of Dentists, Anesthesiologists and Nurses all Focused on Patient Safety, Care, and Comfort.
  • Our Anesthesiologists & Dentists are Experienced in Pediatric Care.
  • We Will Always Keep You Informed of Your Patient’s Status.

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Children 1st Featured in North Texas Dentistry Magazine

Your Patient is always REFERRED BACK to YOU!
Most Insurances including MEDICAID & CHIP accepted.
Transportation Available


     Phone: (972) 279-1200
     Fax: (972) 279-1203

Grand Prairie

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     Fax: (214) 412-1510

Houston South

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Houston West

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