Why Children 1st for Dental Referrals?
We take the fear out of pediatric dental treatment with dental care under general anesthesia.

Are you a referring dentist?

We are the 1st Choice when Children Require General Anestesia 

When a child’s behavior or difficult condition disrupts your office routine, you exchange efficiency and production for added stress and frustration! We specialize in treating children who need extra care during dental procedures. Refer your patient to your colleagues at Children 1st Dental & Surgery Center where there are at least:

10 Reasons Why Children 1st Dental & Surgery Center is the Best Choice for Your Patient.
  1. We treat children who can’t be treated fully during a normal office visit. We treat children ages 2 to 12 that are too young, too scared or otherwise unable to be treated in a traditional dental setting.
  2. Parent consultations are scheduled prior to the treatment appointment.We meet with parents or guardians to review the Dentist/Doctor’s concerns and initial diagnosis. Based on input from the Dentist/Doctor referral, we develop a treatment plan and review insurance and costs estimates with the parents and schedule a treatment date for the patient.
  3. Patients will be under anesthesia for x-rays and dental treatments.Restraining or restricting a child for dental treatment is NEVER the right way to treat a child. We never papoose or tie a child down. If the parent doesn’t arrive with x-rays, we will attempt to take them prior to sedation, otherwise the patient will be under anesthesia for the x-ray, treatment plan development and procedure.
  4. We are a state licensed ambulatory surgery center (ASC).Our Dentists and Anesthesiologists specialize in treating children, every day. We utilize state of the art instrumentation, digital x-rays, intra-oral cameras, and electronic medical records. Our surgery centers are equipped with Advanced Monitoring and Life Support Equipment, and Electronic Records.
  5. We limit the time a patient will be under anesthesia.Children 1st will only allow a patient to be under anesthesia for a maximum of 2 hours. The clock starts the moment the child is administered anesthesia. If high quality x-rays need to be taken, they are taken first so the Children 1st Dentist can establish or modify the treatment plan if necessary. The Dentist confirms treatment changes with the parent and the treatment is started. All procedures must be completed within 2 hours.
  6. We use a team approach to ensure the patient is safe.We provide a dedicated anesthesia team and a dental team for each patient. Our dual team approach includes a residency trained MD or DDS Anesthesiologist and licensed Nurse, who regulate the anesthesia and overall patient condition, and a Pediatric Dentist and licensed Nurse, who complete the diagnosed dental treatment.
  7. Each team treats one child at a time.There is only one child in the treatment room with our team of 4 specialists. They focus  on one patient only, from the procedure’s beginning to end.
  8. When the treatment is complete, a recovery nurse takes over.The patient is taken to the recovery room and is closely monitored by one recovery nurse, as they begin to wake up.
  9. The parents join the child in recovery.For the child’s sense of safety and security, we ask the parent or guardian to sit with their child in the recovery room. The recovery nurse is with the patient at all times, until the child is awake and ready to leave.
  10. We treat patients in one visit.The referring Dentist/Doctor will receive a Complete Treatment Plan of procedures rendered and the patient/parents are directed to return to you for their next exam.

How To Refer A Patient To Children 1st.
Choose A or B!

A. Complete a Referral Form on our website, Children1stDental.com.

  1. The form is HIPAA compliant and patient data protected.
  2. There are four convenient locations, 2 in the DFW area and 2 in the Houston metroplex, to serve patients and their families.
  3. Children 1st will contact the families to schedule a consultation for treatment.

B. Alternatively, fill out the Children 1st Referral Form for the parent or guardian, which includes the

Reason for Referral and a Brief Dental/Medical History.

The parent/guardian can contact Children 1st directly to schedule a consultation at one of our conveniently located centers:

  • Call our central number (855) 422-0224, Monday – Friday, 8:00am – 5:00pm
  • Or, visit our website at Children1stDental.com any time day or night to fill out a consultation request

We set a date for treatment as soon as possible to relieve pain and repair the dental issues.

We accept Medicaid, Medicare, CHIP and most every insurance. If needed, we can discuss finance plans and transportation are available for those that qualify.

At Children 1st Dental & Surgery Center, we treat patients who need extra care.

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