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When you need a kids’ dental and surgery center in Grand Prairie – a professional who understands the importance of helping kids build a great foundation for healthy dental habits by taking the fear out of dentistry – you need Children 1st Dental. Our team is accepting new pediatric patients, and we’d love to meet your family.

The Premier Choice for Kids’ Dental Procedures in Grand Prairie: Children 1st Dental 

Many families choose our practice because they know our dentists are kid-friendly – and that we’re focused on ensuring children have the best possible experience. Whether your dentist referred your child to us for a specific surgery or treatment or you’re researching options for your anxious child, we’re here for you.

Our services include:

Here’s a closer look at how our kids’ dental specialists can help your children.

Digital X-Rays and Intraoral Images

As one of Grand Prairie’s most recognized kids’ dental and surgery centers, we pride ourselves on ensuring children are comfortable with every stage of dental treatment – and that includes X-rays and intraoral imaging. Our intraoral images give us the best look at your child’s teeth. The pictures are clear enough to make accurate diagnoses, and we can send them to your dentist for them to use over a course of treatment lasting several visits.

Because we use digital X-rays, the safest and most effective imaging technique for oral health, we’re able to get immediate diagnostic results and reduce your child’s exposure to radiation. We also maintain digital, high-resolution images on our secure database, so they’re easy to transfer to your child’s regular dentist.

Tooth Filling and Tooth Extraction

Kids need fillings – it happens! Sometimes children get cavities, or they crack or break a tooth. And we’re here to make sure that your child’s experience with fillings isn’t a scary one. Because we’re kids’ dental and surgery center, we take the time to help your child understand the process and approach it without fear. That way, we’re helping to build your child’s confidence in dental treatment (and preventing more serious dental issues in the future).

If your child needs a tooth extracted, our main focus is on providing the best possible care. Our on-staff team of anesthesiologists work closely with all our patients’ parents to ensure that every child is comfortable during treatment.


Some children have less protective enamel on their teeth than others do. For these children, or for those who are more prone to cavities, we often recommend sealants. Sealants are really a thin, plastic coating applied to the surface of a tooth, and they help prevent future cavities and diseases. They’re completely painless to apply, and because they prevent more invasive treatments, they can help your child develop a healthy attitude toward dental treatment.

Pulpotomies, or “Baby Root Canals” 

When baby teeth are overrun with internal bacteria or infection, a pulpotomy may be necessary. These so-called “baby root canals” remove the bacteria or infection, leaving the tooth itself intact. Often, we use sedation to perform these procedures – and many kids’ dentists in Grand Prairie and the surrounding communities can’t do that. (We have highly trained anesthesiologists on staff.)

Crowns, Including NuSmile and Stainless Steel

As kids’ dentists, we know how important it is to protect primary and permanent teeth. We use NuSmile and stainless steel crowns to minimize your child’s time in the office. After evaluating your child, we’ll be happy to help you decide which types of crowns will be best for your little one.

Are You Looking for a Kids’ Dental and Surgery Center in Grand Prairie?

Call us to schedule an appointment with our kids’ dental specialists today. We’ll be happy to talk about your child’s needs and work toward good oral health for your whole family.

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