Children’s Dental Surgery Center in Mesquite

When your child needs dental work, including fillings, tooth extractions, crowns or any other procedure, you need a children’s dental surgery center you can trust.
You need Children 1st.

Mesquite’s Premier Children’s Dental Surgery Center

Whether your pediatric dentist referred you to us or your child is a new patient who needs to be seen, we’re happy to help. Our office provides stress-free dental treatment for children across a wide range of services, including:
Digital X-rays
Tooth extraction
Tooth filling
Intraoral images
NuSmile Crowns
Stainless steel crowns

Digital X-Rays

We can provide immediate diagnostic results while reducing your child’s exposure to radiation. All our high-resolution images are stored electronically, which means we can transfer them to your child’s current pediatric dentist and access them with the push of a button.

Tooth Extraction

When a child needs a tooth removed, whether it’s because of crowding, disease or trauma, our primary focus is on providing top-tier care. As the top children’s dental surgery center in Mesquite, we keep a team of anesthesiologists on-staff who work closely with you and your dentist to ensure your child is comfortable while receiving exceptional care in our facility.

Tooth Filling

Thousands of children get fillings every day, and we use them to repair cavities and fractures (and prevent future root canals or extraction). Whether your child needs minor or major fillings, we ensure that he or she maintains a healthy attitude toward visiting the dentist by making every visit stress- and pain-free.


A thin, plastic coating on a child’s teeth can help prevent cavities and diseases, and for many children, they’re the key to avoiding extensive dental treatment. Our team of experts keep your child comfortable and engaged while applying these painless treatments to reduce dental anxiety and promote overall dental health.


Pulpotomies are sometimes called “baby root canals,” and they remove bacteria and infection from dental tissue without removing the tooth itself. Often used in conjunction with sedation, which many dental offices can’t provide, pulpotomies can prevent even more extensive dental work in the future. Our team of dentists and anesthesiologists work with you to ensure your child gets the treatments he or she needs without suffering any anxiety about receiving dental work.

Intraoral Images

Intraoral images help children and their parents understand diagnoses and the benefits of treatment. These images produce clear, accurate images of teeth and all their supporting structures, which can show your whole family what’s happening behind the scenes. These digital images help dentists make an initial diagnosis and can be used throughout the course of several dental treatments.

NuSmile Crowns

NuSmile crowns give kids a healthy, natural smile. They’re the world’s leading pediatric dental crowns because they’re exceptional replicas of children’s natural teeth, and they’re designed to minimize your little one’s time in the dentist’s chair. Ideal for any teeth, NuSmile crowns may be what your child needs to restore his or her confidence and protect existing dental structures.

Stainless Steel Crowns

Stainless steel crowns protect primary teeth, and if your child needs them, we can help. Our team of experts can treat molars that have decayed or formed improperly using stainless steel crowns in a safe, welcoming and engaging environment that helps children enjoy stress-free dental care.

Do You Need a Children’s Dental Surgery Center in Mesquite?

We’ll be happy to show you how we can help your child enjoy safe, effective and stress-free dental care. Call us to schedule an appointment today.

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