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Digital imaging, or digital radiography, is a valuable diagnostic tool frequently used in dentistry, as well as other disciplines.

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Tooth extraction is the procedure performed to remove a tooth or teeth. An extraction may be necessary if there is disease, trauma or overcrowding.

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A tooth filling or dental fillings are used to improve the appearance and functionality of teeth affected by damage or decay.

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IntraOral Pictures

IntraOral cameras are advanced diagnostic tools that provide clear, detailed images of the teeth and mouth that a mirror examination is not able to achieve.

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NuSmile Crowns

"Feel confident in restoring a new smile for your patients. Your patient’s parents will thank you for providing a beautiful solution that lasts." -NuSmile-

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When decay invades the interior of a child’s molar, it’s necessary to remove the decay to stop the tooth from developing an abscess.

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Sealants are thin, plastic coatings that go on the surface of the tooth. They protect the grooves of the teeth from decay and other diseases.

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Stainless Steel Crowns

Restoration that covers or caps a tooth, restoring it to its normal size and shape while strengthening it and protecting it from further cracking or breakage.

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Children 1st Dental Surgery Centers

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