Why Children 1st Dental?
Our dual team approach includes a residency trained MD or DDS anesthesiologist who regulates your child’s safe, comfortable sleep, and a dentist who completes the dental care in an efficient, professional manner.

 10 Reasons Why Children 1st Dental & Surgery Center is the Best Choice for Your Child.

  1. Kids get scared.That means they can’t always be treated in a typical Dentist’s office.
  2. We can help.Restraining or restricting a child for dental treatment is NEVER the right way to treat a child. We never papoose or tie a child down.
  3. Kids get the treatment they need while sleeping.We are a licensed dental & surgical treatment center that uses anesthesia. Your child will be asleep during x-rays and all dental treatment.
  4. We only treat children.Our Dentists and Anesthesiologists specialize in treating children, every day. We have the tools and the procedures in place to treat your child safely, and effectively.
  5. We use a team approach to ensure your child is safe.When children are undergoing treatment, we have team of specialists in the room, monitoring your child. The Anesthesiologist’s focus is to monitor your child’s overall condition. The Dentist’s focus is to perform the dental work needed to help your child. There is one Nurse in the room who assists the dentist with treatment. There is a second Nurse in the room who assists the anesthesiologist.
  6. Our team treats one child at a time.There is only one child in the treatment room with our team of 4 specialists. The focus of the team is on your child, and only your child.
  7. We treat your child quickly and effectively.We limit the time a child can be under anesthesia. We will not exceed two hours of treatment under anesthesia. These are guidelines unique to Children 1st, for the safety of every young patient.
  8. When the treatment is complete, a recovery nurse takes over.Your child is taken to the recovery room and is closely monitored by one recovery nurse, as they begin to wake up.
  9. The parents join the child in recovery.For the child’s sense of safety and security, we ask the parent or guardian to sit with their child in the recovery room. The recovery nurse is with you at all times, until your child is ready to leave.
  10. We treat your child in one visit.Once treatment is complete, all records are sent to your dentist. You and your child will return to your regular dentist for all regular dental visits.

Schedule Your Free Consultation

Contact Children 1st to schedule your consultation at one of our conveniently located centers.

  • Call our central number (855) 422-0224, Monday – Friday, 8:00am – 5:00pm
  • Or, visit our website at Children1stDental.com any time of day or night to fill out a consultation request

During your one on one consultation with the Children 1st Dentist, we’ll review your primary dentist’s observations and concerns with you. We’ll also answer any and all of your questions about your child’s treatment and about us.

We’ll review the anticipated treatment plan, your insurance plan, and estimated costs.

We accept Medicaid, Medicare, CHIP and most every insurance. If you need it, we can discuss finance plans that are available for those that qualify.

We’ll set a date for treatment that works with your schedule, to get your child a healthy smile as soon as possible.

At Children 1st Dental & Surgery Center, we treat your child like one of ours.

Why Choose Children 1st Dental & Surgery Center over Papoosing?

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Alternative to Papoosing